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Daily Inspiration 8-31-11

Daily Inspiration 8-31-11

Growth Week
“Life is change.
Growth is optional.
Choose wisely.”
— Karen Kaiser Clark
“When you blame others,
you give up your power to change.”
— Dr Robert Anthony
I’m trying on some different ideas about change because I think they are interesting as these two quotes are together.
How can one grow without change? Change and growth are one in the same it seems to me, so to have growth change is a given. And one of the things that doesn’t allow for change is abdicating responsibility to others. One of the most common and classic ways we do that is by finding fault or blaming others.
I really work at accepting responsibility for my own thoughts and resultant actions or decisions in my life now, but in days of old, I blamed with gusto. Heck, I couldn’t get the job because that idiot was in the way and why did they hire that idiot anyway? Anyone can see if they just looked that he is a loser, ya know? Heck, the stupid decisions these guys make it’s a wonder they’re still in business. Then, they bring in the son who hasn’t got a clue, and what do they expect? Or it was higher up: That idiot Nixon should be run out of town, along with that actor fella Reagan who’s always looking like he just swallowed a goldfish, and that Bush guy with his points of light and the kinder gentler nation and all, and the Obama nation, the Clinton fiasco, and well. . . since I’ve been able to read and hear, I haven’t heard one of those Presidents that had their stuff together. . . and besides, who should we blame? Can’t be me! I didn’t make this mess. . .
Sounds harsh, but all of that was real and I hear it today with just as much blame as ever. The only thing that has changed is the name that we blame. And, of course, we blame others in much smaller ways. Like when something of yours goes missing, doesn’t the first thought look for a culprit? Or, they forgot to pick up your trash today? Or the power went off, or. . . and the list goes on.
All of those things; that blaming of others for what is affecting us, have a tendency to hold us where we are and not allow change. Consequently, growth is slow in coming at best. The solution is to begin the process of consciously choosing to not blame anyone or anything, and to accept responsibility whenever that is possible. As that power is exercised growth is an obvious and joyous result.
Happiness Is Having More Control And Less Powerlessness.
Spread Some Joy Today–Begin to pay attention to any blaming of any kind that you might do today. Many times we don’t even realize we’re doing it. Watch the change in you when you decide to stop blaming entirely. It’s a joyous responsibility.
Daily Inspiration 8-30-11

Daily Inspiration 8-30-11

Growth Week
“Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.”
— Glenda Cloud
“Surround yourself with people who believe in you.”
— Brian Koslow
I’ve looked at a lot of quotes about growth and the largest percentage of them talk about struggle and going up against adversity, difficulties and how they cause one to become more in order to overcome or to cruise through tough situations. Of course, I do agree that there is truth in the fact that we become more by accepting challenges that cause us to draw more upon the storehouse of talent we tend to keep under lock and key.
However, today I want to address something that you might not easily find about growth and that is being around people who encourage and uplift you. There is nothing so pleasant to be around people who believe in you and encourage and uplift you. It is exhilarating. It is also one of the most pleasant ways to grow as well.
I know for myself that I have grown very quickly and by giant leaps with the right encouragement and support. It is not always around me, but I endeavor to have those in my life that I can count on for personal encouragement. I might even call on them to help deliver me from my own unbelief from time to time, and it puts me back on the path of positive growth.
We probably all have some negatively-oriented people in our lives and maybe there isn’t a lot we can do to change that at the moment, but we certainly can find others to surround ourselves with who do inspire us to growth. As positive a person as I am, I need encouragement and inspiration like any other.
And. one more thing. . . be that to others. Encourage people you know and love to more growth and greater inspirations. I get more charge personally out of that than anything else I do. That is the purpose of this project and much of what I do. It is joy beyond measure.
Growing Should Naturally Encourage Growth In Others–By Example At The Minimum.
Spread Some Joy Today–I predict that you will have more people around you who encourage and believe in you as you begin and expand doing that same thing for others. Become an encourager. It is a wonderful profession.
Daily Inspiration 8-29-11

Daily Inspiration 8-29-11

Growth Week
“It cannot be too often repeated
that it is not helps, but obstacles,
not facilities, but difficulties
that make men.”
— William Mathews
Who doesn’t have obstacles? Who doesn’t have difficulties? When I was young, we all used to think that rich people had it made and had no obstacles or difficulties, that their lives were so smooth, but all you have to do is walk through the grocery store check out to see the multi-millionaires of fame with a list of troubles that would overcome most people. So, the good news about difficulties is that no one is immune.
The other thing about the tabloids is that some of those mega stars handle their troubles with dignity and optimism and others go off in tangents of blame and denial. As we do as well.
Since none of us are immune to trouble, the only thing that separates us at all then, is how we view them and how we choose to deal with them.
Many of us have a tendency to look upon difficulties with fear of consequences and even more fear of imaginary consequences, playing various scenarios in our head as we look at the dread in front of us. Personally, my favorite was blame. There was always someone more deserving than I and I was most happy to oblige.
I’ve had some very interesting changes in the last few years in that I don’t get excited about difficulties. A better way to say it is that I don’t fight them, struggle, or complain. Instead, I do my best to look upon them as a blessing, although I may not be able to see that so clearly at the time, yet it seems to always prove out to be the case. I’m here to tell you that this is a miraculous transformation in me and what’s even better than this is that it is just plain fun.
In church, they like to say, “God is good. . . all the time.” I sort of take that to heart and it appears to be a fact, provided I choose to embrace it.
“Difficulties Are The Things That Show What Men Are.” — Epictetus
Spread Some Joy Today–Take a brand new look at one or more of your difficulties. See them as blessings and be thankful for them. In time, you may even be joyous about them. What a difference. It takes the trouble right out of trouble. . .
Daily Inspiration 8-28-11

Daily Inspiration 8-28-11

Growth Week
“Each experience through which we pass
operates ultimately for our good. . . . This is
a correct attitude to adopt. . . and
we must be able to see it in that light.”
— Raymond Holliwell
I just realized a few days ago that I have lost thousands of good ideas by not writing them down, so I began carrying a small notepad and pen even on my walks, and now it is amazing how many I am saving. I know our brains remember everything in minute detail, but mine is not nearly as good on recall.
Anyway, today I was out for a walk before it got hot and enjoying everything around me and it came to me that I’m having the best year of my entire life. The next thing I realized is that last year was the previous best year of my life. Back to back best years, and as I go back one or two more, I see the same, but further back it was not that way. Instead the Good Ole Days were further back and this year was another in the struggle to find them again.
Something changed and I know exactly what it is. What changed is how I view the world and the universe and me and my environment. I see everything differently than in the past. I would have to say that number one would be looking at what is right or good or beautiful and focusing on that instead of seeing what is out of place, wrong or ugly.
It’s funny to think about it, but nothing around me changed at all, yet it did. I still live in the same house, same neighborhood, same city, have same or similar challenges, see people I’ve seen for years, and yet it is all so different than it once was. It was me who changed and it was just the way I choose to look at it, them, and my world. Indeed, it is a decision of owning my world even.
As part of that process and practice (and by the way, it is joyful practice!), I can now see that everything that is happening is perfect and good and beneficial. Why me is not a question I ever ask anymore. What a great feeling.
Today is the best day ever. This is the best year ever. I look forward with eager anticipation of tomorrow and next year being the my best year ever, so that each and every year is positively stacked on top on one another to lift me ever higher.
I Love Controlling How Good I Feel By Choosing To.
Spread Some Joy Today–Today is the first day of the rest of my life is good, but how about today is the best day of the rest of my life? So much better, don’t you think?
Daily Inspiration 8-27-11

Daily Inspiration 8-27-11

“You can do anything you wish to do,
have anything you wish to have,
be anything you wish to be.”
— Robert Collier
“The only lack or limitation
is in your own mind.”
— N. H. Moos
The fact that we may choose to do less, have less, or be less is just fine. What I think is important is that the only lack or limitation is in our own mind. It’s like driving a Chevy Malibu with a 454 V-8. Just knowing all that power is there is comforting. Just using it periodically in very short bursts is fun. Feeling the excess underneath the idle as I cruise slowly, knowing full well that at any time I choose regardless of speed limit signs, or cops behind billboards, that I can delve into that resource just bolsters my confidence and I feel more alive.
Now, if I really want to, I am confident enough to race it full out scared to life with excitement. . . and do it again and again, and any time I choose.
Love that car!
Isn’t Life Grand? We’ve Been Given Everything We Could Possibly Need. So Awesome!
Spread Some Joy Today–The length of your appreciation list will determine the depth of your joy. Feel free to add to the list at any time.
Daily Inspiration 8-26-11

Daily Inspiration 8-26-11

“The pupil can only educate himself.
Teachers are the custodians of apparatus
upon which he himself must turn and twist
to acquire the excellencies that distinguish
the better from the poorer of God’s vessels.”
— Martin H Fischer
Today, I got to do one of my favorite things. I got to give a class that I call Commercial Trucks 101. I’ve done it well over a hundred times to over a thousand people over time. I’ve been teaching this class since 1995 and since it is mostly based on fundamentals, it really hasn’t changed. I think it is a great class because there are some unique ways complicated information is made simple, and also memorable.
What does change is the participants, or students and what they bring to the class. Some come because they were told to. I can live with that. Some come with an attitude that indicates they are not the least bit interested. I’ve been known to radically eject them. Most are at least mildly interested for a wide variety of reasons, and generally the class is a bit of fun and there is good participation which makes it more fun for everyone, including me.
Once in a while I get the rare and distinct privilege to have students who show up early and demonstrate they are really interested and today was one of those occasions. I even stayed an hour over and extended the training because they were so receptive to it.
I give it my best each and every time I give this class regardless of who is attending, and I so appreciate those that come ready to hear, learn, and do. It makes my day, and today I enjoyed this immensely.
This is one of the things I do that I love to do. Whenever I do something that I really love to do, I seem to excel at it and am thrilled by it at the same time. Even if only part of a day or part of a week goes like that, any other obstacles are insignificant in comparison.
When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Is Delighted!
Spread Some Joy Today–Do something that you love to do! Just for the joy of it.
Daily Inspiration 8-25-11

Daily Inspiration 8-25-11

“In the spider-web of facts,
many a truth is strangled.”
— Paul Eldridge
“Education consists mainly
of what we have unlearned.”
— Mark Twain
The last couple of months has been fascinating. Things are going okay, but it was as if something was missing. In looking back, it seems to me like a calm spot before a storm; a lull; a curious pause; much like treading water rather than swimming. Then, two days ago in a tinge of a funk, I went and watched some inspiring videos on YouTube to see if I could give myself an injection of improved well being. I watched about five and there was one that really stood out. I wasn’t exactly sure why, but I felt that it was important, so I shared it with some of my team. It certainly had value in the basic message, but I felt that it was speaking to me in a deeper way, it’s just that I couldn’t quite see that then.
I haven’t walked for a couple days, and decided to go for a five-miler and it was on this walk that it all started coming together. I was amazed and excited about the picture becoming clear, and as the Mark Twain quote above, I was also noticing that it wasn’t something new, but something I learned a long time ago, but when combined now with the accumulation of learning that I’ve come to, it may as well be new because it used to stand alone and now it is full of synergy. I am expecting that it will be transformative for my life and business both.
I’m not going to say what it is right now, because I’m going to test it, then I’ll share it, but what I wanted to share is that it is fascinating how if you stay on the path, you will come through and that learning is a layered thing where one layer has significance in other layers–indeed, it is almost as if the layers are charged with electricity and one layer is communicating with another encouraging growth and expansion. There isn’t any need to be concerned because pretty soon the layers create synergy.
This is where the other interesting quote comes in. In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled. Well, I’m not sure about the strangled part, but certainly hidden. The other thing about that is that many times we learn something, but it is a piece. It’s good, but it isn’t the whole, but only part of the whole. It seems to me like a piece in a picture puzzle, but there is more to come before we see the picture. Today, that picture came into view for me.
So, keep learning and expanding. It is always fun for me anyway, and it is so beneficial as it accumulates.
I will share the video that I shared with some of my team in case you may also benefit from it:
Pauses Have Value. Everything Has Value.
Spread Some Joy Today–Don’t give up on expansion. It is natural. Seek joy, keep learning and growing. Enjoy the journey!
Daily Inspiration 8-24-11

Daily Inspiration 8-24-11

“I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success
through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that,
for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well.”
— Alan Greenspan
I’ve done business with people for over 43 years, and I’ve always felt that each transaction must have two winners–the seller and the buyer–with no losers, otherwise it isn’t a sale but robbery or theft.
Back in the mid-1970s, I was a new sales manager and had held that title for a year or so when I hired an experienced car salesman at the dealership I worked at. I normally liked to hire someone never in the car business and teach them the way I wanted, but I took the easy way this time. He was older and could have been wiser, but I overheard him putting down the dealership on the showroom floor with a couple of the other salespeople. He had only been there about a week and a half, and I called him into the office and fired him on the spot.
In over 30 years in the car business, I had just three or four customers that I did the same thing to. One young girl and her overbearing mother came in an bought a camaro. Then the stuff hit the fan and we were accused of all sorts of ridiculous things. Although it is extremely rare in the car business to give people their money back, I bought the car back, refunded their money in full and politely asked them to go somewhere else to buy. They were shocked, and I was relieved greatly.
Yes, I fired the customer and the salesman, but here’s the deal. . . I was giving value and not getting any in return. It wasn’t a mutually beneficial arrangement. It needs to be win-win. Sometimes it is in the best interests of the seller to not sell or to unsell. Some unhappy clients we can live with because they have a problem, they’re upset, but they understand that we can take care of it and usually allow us to do so and it all works out well. In fact, some of those go on to be the best clients because they got to see how things were handled when they weren’t sure how we would handle it and they became convinced and became loyal clients as a result.
Then there are a very few others that make the hair on your back stand up as a warning of things to come that doesn’t appear very pleasant. Best to cut that cord as early as possible. I have learned that there are some clients that I don’t want to deal with at all and they wouldn’t benefit our company and our objectives. This is a situation where I completely ignore the dollars of potential profit for the sake of my sanity and peace.
You Can Feel It When It Is Happening. . . Go Not Vindictively, But With Your Feeling. It’s Really An Act Of Love Of Yourself!
Spread Some Joy Today–Maybe today would be a good day to take a little walk outdoors in nature and just let your eyes gorge on the beauty that surrounds you.
Daily Inspiration 8-23-11

Daily Inspiration 8-23-11

“Faced with the choice between changing one’s
mind and proving that there is no need to do so,
almost everyone gets busy on the proof.”
— John Kenneth Galbraith
“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering.
Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh
Tie a rope 10′ long to your leg, fasten the other end to a post in the ground, and no matter which direction you choose to travel, you can not get more than 10′ from the post. Now, cut yourself some slack and tie a 30′ rope to your leg and fasten the other end to a post in the ground. Now no matter what direction you decide to go, you cannot go further than 30′ feet. But it might feel better. You might feel more freedom, more flexibility, maybe even more joy.
Then, when some person comes along with a crazy notion to cut the rope entirely and says that you can now travel as far as you desire in any direction, we may find ourselves so comfortable with where we have been that the idea of not having a rope attached to our leg and the pole is ludicrous.
Most often, things must build up until there develops a strong desire to change before new information will get through, or before the rope is lengthened, released from its tether or even removed completely. I say hallelujah to that day! It is a day of decision and releasing fear (or ignoring it) to see things from a different perspective. You’ve grown and felt the excitement of that growth and in those new fangled ideas and thoughts. You’re eager for more and becoming ever more grateful for the opportunities that initial decision has allowed you.
Things are different now. You’re a different person. Not so different that people won’t recognize you, but you feel so far removed from where you were inside, that you project that confidence and growth on the outside and people notice it. They may not understand it, or agree with your decision, but they notice it. It is unmistakable.
Okay, now go back to the 10′ rope, put it back on your leg and the post. Heck, bypass the 10′ one and go straight to the 30′ rope that used to feel good enough to you. Now it feels as if life as you now know it is over, doesn’t it? You can’t go back. You refuse to go back. It is virtually impossible to go back. And, the good news is that there will never be a good enough reason to ever go back.
Go Onward From Here. There Are More Ropes To Cut.
Spread Some Joy Today–It’s always a good idea to check your comfort zone. Experiencing some expansion is how growth happens. Untie your rope just for today and see how that feels.
Daily Inspiration 8-22-11

Daily Inspiration 8-22-11

“Every day, passion speaks to us through our feelings.
That’s why when you allow yourself to become anesthetized
by what others think, you literally block yourself from living
the life you were called to live. I promise you that if you make
a choice that doesn’t please your mate, your friends, your mother,
or whoever, the world will not fall apart. The people who
truly love you want you to love yourself.”
— Oprah Winfrey
Risk. Sometimes we’re just afraid to risk. Trust. Sometimes we’re just afraid to trust. Believe. Sometime we’re just afraid to believe, or don’t know how to believe. We are important and the very first place that is meaningful is to ourselves. But others around us have their ideas and want me to fit in. I have learned to finally say, no thanks.
I don’t think a life can be well lived without believing in ourselves; or rather, a better way to say it is loving ourselves.
This is one of those very hidden things that people spend a lot of time and energy trying to cover up. In fact, in my own experience with people, I see that self-love or self-acceptance is not nearly so common as some might believe.
Encouragement. There is nothing so valuable and helpful for self-love and self-acceptance as encouragement. Of course, encouragement from others is nice and often we may seek that and hope for it and plan for it, but as Jim Rohn used to point out, what if they don’t show up?
When it comes down to it, we are in charge and accepting that responsibility is a powerful step toward believing in ourselves. We need to encourage ourselves and there are a number of ways to do that. One very powerful way is through the use of affirmations, especially the ones that begin with I am. Those are the two most powerful words to put in an affirmation.
A little courage is good, but courage is not so important as lifting ourselves up, then courage will be a natural result. Then, one day, we just begin practicing creating our own lives in a way we feel good about. Others may not agree. This is the place where courage comes into play, and it will take less each time.
The most important thing about self-acceptance is valuing ourselves and learning to appreciate our own thinking and our own ability to decide.
“Do What You Must, And Your Friends Will Adjust.”
— Robert Brault
Spread Some Joy Today–“Accept your genius and say what you think.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
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