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Daily Inspiration 10-31-10

Daily Inspiration 10-31-10

“Out of clutter, find Simplicity.
From discord, find Harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity.”
— Albert Einstein
Life would not expand if we always got what we wanted. To go even deeper, there wouldn’t even be a choice that exists. In order to choose, there must be something to choose from.
The choices don’t have to be so even as dark and light, yes and no, but contrast of one thing that doesn’t feel as good compared with something that feels better allows expansion as well.
From that then, out of clutter, simplicity is possible and if desired will come. From discord, harmony is a possibility if desired. And, as with opportunity always existing within difficulty, born of the contrast, a desire is born that chooses a preference and makes a decision to focus on this instead of that.
Perhaps then at some point, realizing this, expands into accepting it as it is, as it always has been and that there never need be concern again about the clutter, discord or difficulty, for out of them, we learn to pay attention, make choices that feel better, move toward them, and expand.
Out Of What Is, Comes What’s Next.
Spread Some Joy Today–Realize that whatever is happening today, there is opportunity to change. With decision to make a change, comes a whole new reality.
Daily Inspiration 10-30-10

Daily Inspiration 10-30-10

“The essence of optimism is that it takes no account of the present,
but it is a source of inspiration, of vitality and hope where others
have resigned; it enables a man to hold his head high, to claim the
future for himself and not to abandon it to his enemy.”
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Note: A friend sent me the original German citation of this quote,
so I thought I would include it:


ist in seinem Wesen keine Ansicht
über die gegenwärtige situation,
sonderen er ist eine Lebenskraft,
eine kraft der Hoffnung wo andere resignieren,
eine kraft, den kopf hoch zu halten,
wenn alles fehlzuschlagen scheint, eine Kraft,
Rückschlägezu ertragen, eine Kraft, die die Zukunft
niemals dem Feind lässt ,
sonderen sie für sich in Anspruch nimmt.

— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“Optimism doesn’t wait on facts.
It deals with prospects.
Pessimism is a waste of time.”
— Norman Cousins
No matter how optimistic you think you are, there is probably someone to help you strengthen it. For me, that is my business partner, Ryan Stone.
I’ve always considered myself an optimist, looking toward a brighter future, but a lot of that was smoke and mirrors for a long time. It was a trained response. You see, I got into sales as a career when I was 22 and then at 25 became a sales manager, so I had to learn to be optimistic, to encourage and to be a leader–or try to be a leader. As a newbie in this field, I studied and studied and read books, listened to records and did everything I could to become an optimistic person and lead accordingly.
As a result of the constant study, (which I have yet to stop over 30 years later) I have to say that I think I succeeded for the most part. But, there are days. . . You probably know what I’m talking about–days when you feel pessimistic and doubtful; days when you just didn’t get enough sleep, or feel like you need a vacation from the hustle and bustle of life, you know. . . escape!
I have to admit that I have those days. I am also very pleased that they are few in comparison with my past; however, when they come, sometimes I just need a little help from my friends, you know? Ryan is that. He can turn me back around toot sweet and have me laughing and cashing imaginary checks and what not. I think we do that for each other actually. It seems he gets that way too sometimes, and I help him get back on track.
We all need some friends sometimes. One of the most awesome things we can all do is to surround ourselves with people who, for the most part, are uplifting, optimistic, and encouraging. It can make all the difference, I know it for a fact.
Thanks, Ryan! The best partner I can imagine having. I’m blessed.
Optimism Doesn’t Care Anything At All About Facts.
Spread Some Joy Today–Think about the people you surround yourself with. How do they affect you? They absolutely have an effect, the only question is what? Maybe, some more optimistic people could be a benefit.
Daily Inspiration 10-29-10

Daily Inspiration 10-29-10

“If you have an apple and I have an apple
and we exchange these apples, then you and I
will still each have one apple.
But, if you have an idea, and I have an idea,
and we exchange these ideas,
then each of us have two ideas.”
— George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw’s quote above is most timely and excellent. We live in a world that is rapidly expanding and with venues such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media, it is not just expanding, but skyrocketing.
There was a time in the not so far away past (a few nanoseconds ago. . .) when we thought that ideas unshared was our power. It is amazing how that holding on philosophy has changed, and I say, thank goodness! Two ideas are so much better than one and better than this is that the combination of those two ideas shared can have significant offspring–sometimes, immediate offspring. It is often that offspring thought from the mixture of other thoughts that brings about the best result.
In business and in our personal lives, we will find that when ideas are shared, more and better thoughts can lead to dramatic improvements. There are so many products that were originally designed to do one thing and would have failed miserably at that, though when combined with offspring thought, turned that lame product into an “overnight success.” Silly Putty, Playdough, Facebook, personal computers, cell phones and the list goes on and on and on of things that really had potential after other thought changed the original concepts.
Sharing ideas and learning to express them is highly beneficial as well. “Bouncing ideas of others” is an excellent strategy. You just never know when something will be the key idea to make it all work.
Of course, it isn’t only ideas, but other ways of sharing can have similar results. I have become so open to sharing in recent years and it has made a huge difference in my life as a result.
Share Your Thoughts And Ideas To Gain Even More.
Spread Some Joy Today–Find someone to share your ideas, dreams and schemes with and expand those into something even more exciting.
Daily Inspiration 10-28-10

Daily Inspiration 10-28-10

“Appreciation is the highest form of prayer,
for it acknowledges the presence of good
wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts.”
— Alan Cohen
“When you meet people,
show real appreciation,
then curiosity.”
— Martha Beck
Learning to appreciate others and express it openly has become a fully functioning wonderful part of my life, and I learned to do it by how I felt when I didn’t feel appreciated. Here’s a quote I ran across by Edgar Watson Howe that expresses how I used to feel: “The greatest humiliation in life, is to work hard on something from which you expect great appreciation, and then fail to get it.”
I remember back in 1988, I was a sales manager at a Chevy dealership and the owner was there just about every day. He stayed in his office the majority of the time. One day I was in his office and I asked him what he thought of my working for the company. He said, “well, you know, the subject of Terry Minion doesn’t come up very often.” It was like a stab in the heart. I surely thought that he thought more of me than this. After five years at this store, I left that same year.
I learned a few things about this; albeit, it took me many more years to full adopt them and make them a part of my life and thinking. I learned to not seek appreciation. I know that this is the biggest thing I learned–and the hardest for me to learn, for I had been seeking it all my life as many humans do. I also learned that though I did not want to seek appreciation any more, that this did not diminish at all the value of true appreciation. And, I also learned to focus on appreciating others, uplifting them and telling them to their face in person that I appreciated them, cared about them, loved them. The last thing was the most important thing that I learned and it is with me every day of my life now and continues to expand. It is worth far more than gold.
It doesn’t matter what my relationship is with any person, I will tell them I appreciate them when I do and tell them how I feel. I’ve been told by some well meaning people that I should keep my feelings to myself, and I think that is bad advice. They have also said that I shouldn’t do that in business, but only in my personal life. I think that is worse advice. My life is many things in what I may be doing, but it is all my life.
Now, here’s the best part. Since I stopped seeking appreciation, but giving it lavishly to others, it makes me feel better than they must feel. In other words, I think I get the majority of the good feeling as a side benefit. Who knew? I’ve learned to just love people and enjoy working with them and telling them so. It’s a joy to express that to them.
Karma Is Right. What I Give Out Comes Back. Or, Was That The Boomerang?
Spread Some Joy Today–There is no greater joy you can spread today than to express love and/or appreciation to people in your life–including people you work with!
Daily Inspiration 10-27-10

Daily Inspiration 10-27-10

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

— Seneca
The hardest part of moving forward I have found is in expecting things to improve while I hold on to the problems. I know for certain that I am not alone in this situation and I am certain that you have seen it as well. You want improvement, let’s say more business, but. . . you continue to regurgitate the conditions of the economy, the lack of capital, the sad sales staff, the lack of prospects coming in, the current Governor, or elected official, and the list just goes on and on. That, is the definition of insanity as professor Einstein saw it: “doing the same things (or thinking the same things, seeing the same things, focusing on the problems), and expecting a different result.”
I know this so well I could teach it, and. . . matter of fact, I have; although it was not on purpose because that wouldn’t make any sense. To say I didn’t know any better would be accurate, and without real excuse.
Truth is that it is still with me today, yet I have started moving away from this method of change to a better place a few years ago. It just takes some people longer than others. How valuable this would be to train children from the beginning!
Now, though I want something different, better, or improved, I sometimes find myself also arguing for my limitations by admitting, accepting, acknowledging, or replaying the problems, or the reasons why it is not working yet. As I learn to let go of the problems and only focus on the improvement, I will succeed in my goal of change. Until then, it will be an if-come-maybe at best.
I know I know that I get caught up in the difficulties and how that causes me to not be so daring with my thinking, yet I also know that the daring when released will find little or no difficulties in its way. I am reminded almost daily by the sign I posted on my wall about two years ago: “What is MY job. How is GOD’s job.” Whenever I try to do His job, I find difficulty and lose my enthusiasm. When I focus on my job exclusively, I find little successes, and larger and larger successes just coming from somewhere unknown as if they just came up out of thin air.
I’m getting my bearings and my daring!
When Something Seems To Be Frustrating Or Hard, That Is A Perfect Sign That I’m Trying To Do God’s Job. It Is Really So Much Easier When I Do MINE.
Spread Some Joy Today–Try letting go of what you cannot control today. Just for one day. Don’t try anymore to fix what you cannot fix. Don’t fret about what you cannot change. Just let it all be the way it is and let go of any responsibility for it or the outcome. Now, instead, just focus on what you like today. Do that only.
Daily Inspiration 10-26-10

Daily Inspiration 10-26-10

“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear,
but around in awareness.”
— James Thurber
Some may view this quote as a trite phrase, and I totally understand that. It looks like one of those idealistic phrases that sounds so good and yet is very hard to do. And, it is hard depending on where we come from and the training we’ve had and the pain we’ve packed away inside.
Yet. . . it is so absolutely insightful and true that now–right now–is all there really is and if we pay attention to right now (awareness) we can avoid looking back in anger or forward in fear, for there is only now.
Fear rules the largest part of many of our lives. I know it ruled mine for a very long time and I can see it ruling others as it did me. It makes life a crap shoot at best. The anger is also the same in that it rules lives so easily. Sure, I get angry, but nothing like I used to and when I do now, I know how to come out of that state pretty quickly with some self-talk looking for ways I can feel just a little bit better with each thought until the anger has been diffused.
So, I’m on this bandwagon of looking around in awareness. I am enjoying the practice of focusing there instead of my old habit patterns. Who knew that it could be so much fun and enjoyment to change?
I Focus On Feeling As Good As I Can Possibly Feel In The Moment. There Is No Benefit To Feeling Bad. There Is Nothing But Benefit To Feeling Good.
Spread Some Joy Today–How easily we forget the value of practice. Whether it is the violin, the piano, speaking in public, memorizing your lines in a play or movie, being a leading-edge physician, there is accumulating value in practice. So it is with feeling good, finding the best thoughts, enjoying the moments, lifting people up, experiencing joy. There is no fail in practice, it is only improvement, improvement, improvement.
Daily Inspiration 10-25-10

Daily Inspiration 10-25-10

“There is no greater difference between men
than between grateful and ungrateful people.”
— R. H. Blyth
“Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs.”
— Joseph Stalin
“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that
the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
— John F Kennedy
I think that the top quote is right on: “there is no greater difference between men than between grateful and ungrateful people.” I listen to people as they talk, watch them in how the deal with things and I see whether they are a grateful person or and ungrateful person. There is no greater insight that I have found than in this, which is so easy to spot, that it is so easy to choose who to be around, and who to avoid. Who wants to be around an ungrateful person? Only ungrateful people, I’m sure–and even that might be questionable if all other reasons were removed.
You can see it in world leaders, food servers, retail clerks, CEO’s of large corporations, you name it. It has nothing to do with what people do, but who they are now. I say now because it is possible to change any time they choose–either way!
The most interesting thing about becoming a grateful person, is that the more I become grateful, the more grateful I become. What I mean is that the more gratitude I express and feel (even if I am not expressing it to anyone other than myself), the more gratitude comes, or the more things I find to be grateful for. Pretty soon, I will be awash with JOY! What kind of crazy world would that be?
One Grateful Thought Deserves Another! Come To Think Of It, That’s Exactly Right!
Spread Some Joy Today–Okay, okay, am I taking this gratitude thing too far? It is the joy of my life–yes, THE JOY OF MY LIFE! And it can be yours too. Start thinking about what you love, what you like, what you want and forget everything else. Yes, EVERYTHING ELSE! Come on in, the joy is fine!
Daily Inspiration 10-24-10

Daily Inspiration 10-24-10

“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity:
it must be produced and discharged and used up
in order to exist at all.”
— William Faulkner
There’s no such thing as stored up gratitude. It exists in the moment it is thought and extends as long as the thought and at the same time is used up. It is felt and has a wide variety of feelings depending on the strength of the gratitude, or rather the profoundness of it to us.
I’m looking out my window as I write this with a wonderful feeling of gratitude and it isn’t anything in particular, or rather a whole bunch of things in particular. I see the trees, the overcast sky threatening sprinkles, a bird flew past at about 150 feet high in the air and I noticed how fast the bird was flying. Then I’m thinking about a number of other things that please me when I think of them. Of course, if they weren’t pleasing, it wouldn’t be gratitude, would it? Or is it that if it weren’t gratitude, it wouldn’t be pleasing? Maybe both.
There is nothing so moment changing, state changing, even life changing as gratitude, and it is free and simple for everyone on the planet equally. It is not tied to circumstance, other people, the right situations, geography, income level, or any other realm of possibility. It is 100% dependent on thought–our own thought. It is the choice of thought and how you feel about that thought that creates the gratitude.
Ever know anyone who seems to never be grateful for anything, is always unhappy, things are always going against them, etc.? Is it possible for them to become grateful? There is no question about it, the answer is absolutely! There is only one requirement: change the thought to something that pleases them, rather than something that doesn’t please them. In other words, let go of reality, and create a new reality.
This is not something we can tell anyone who does not want to know. Those that want to know will think about it and do it. Those that don’t will call me a fool. So be it.
Whatever. . . Is As Good A Reason As I Need To Feel The Wonderful and Delightful Feeling Of Gratitude!
Spread Some Joy Today–Go up to two or three people today and tell them something that you appreciate about them. Express your gratitude openly!
Daily Inspiration 10-23-10

Daily Inspiration 10-23-10

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work.”
— John Lubbock
“It only seems as if you are doing something when you’re worrying.”
— Lucy Maud
I was thinking about worrying, although not very hard, and these quotes told the main story. I used to worry a lot. I was fooled into thinking that this was an effective activity, or that by worrying I might be able to change the situation I’m concerned about, or even that I am actively dealing with the problem–hitting it “head on” as they say, not ignoring reality, but dealing with it–you know, being brave and courageous!
Now I look back on all that time spent worrying and I cannot see where it ever did anything except cause me to be more worried, fearful, frustrated, and even worse, depressed. I could very easily worry myself to death I think. Sometimes I would even worry with the support and encouragement of alcohol. I was taught that at an early age from all that television stuff, and of course, you know that bartenders are everyone’s friend when it comes to hearing your problems retold, right? Well, I think we all know that isn’t true, but an interesting fantasy.
It has become truth to me that worrying begets worry, which begets frustration, which begets despair, which begets powerlessness, which begets depression. It is a road to nowhere. It solves nothing, yet it helps create more of a problem than the problem ever did. I love the quote from yesterday’s daily inspiration by George Bernard Shaw: “People become attached to their burdens sometimes more than the burdens are attached to them.” Boy, that is a fact! And that is worry, isn’t it? You know it’s true!
In addition to that, a day of worry is absolutely exhausting! It wears me out until finally I can escape it exhausted into sleep, where I play those scenarios over and over again.
So what to do? I can’t avoid worry, run away from it, will it out of my life. Any attention to it, brings it to me again. There is only one solution that works. I know it works because I really worry so little now, you might say I have no worries at all. That way, is so simple, and may seem hard at first, but will get easier with time: focus on what you want. There it is. So simple! Because worrying is focusing on what you don’t want, isn’t it. That is worry’s MO It’s not only what is wrong, it is what COULD BE wrong, and we all know there could be a lot of ways it could go wrong. BUT–the same is true the other way. There are lots of ways it can be good and right and valuable.
Joy is focusing on what you want and how wonderful it will all be. That changes everything.
Good Question: On A Scale Of Joy To Depression, Where Do You Want To Be?
Spread Some Joy Today–Okay, it takes some practice, but that part is really fun. Start today. Think of one or two things you have been worried about. Realize that this is what you don’t want. Now, reverse that and think about what you do want instead. Now focus on it exclusively. Joy will be yours in minutes! Worry will vanish from your life. Each time you find yourself worrying about anything, repeat this procedure. You will never, ever, need to worry again.
Daily Inspiration 10-22-10

Daily Inspiration 10-22-10

“People become attached to their burdens sometimes
more than the burdens are attached to them.”
— George Bernard Shaw
Enlightenment is an interesting thing. It is joy and it is change and some of that change takes a bit of time to overcome; or rather, to allow one time to let go off what holds them back from manifesting what they want.
I have become enlightened in the past few years and I study in width and depth to learn more and for it to become me, and I have made wonderful and great progress. At the same time, I have been attached to these burdens and I realized that I was more attached to them, than they are to me. Let me try to explain.
Let’s say that I have an issue about something. I find myself thinking about the problem or the burden, then I think about the fact that I would like it to be changed, but I don’t really know how to change it and I don’t really know where to start and I have so many things on my plate now, and I feel frustrated that it isn’t changing. But the reality is that how in the world can it change when I continue to attract the problem by focusing on the problem.
Sometimes, I just have to hit myself in the head and say, “duh! You’re focusing on the problem again! That was the old way and it didn’t work, now there is a better way, so let’s get to it!” This is called a realization. As much as I study this stuff, you would think I would be past this by now, but you know that these old habits sometimes don’t want to go away so quickly.
Now, it is a truly amazing thing, but when I realize that I have been focusing on the problem and turn away from the problem and focus on what I want instead, magic starts happening almost immediately. It never fails. Things or ideas or other people offering things comes within minutes or a few hours. It blows me away. But the whole key is letting go of the problem.
Once I focus on what I want, or how I want this thing to be, I quickly write out a little affirmation about it and focus there. Though my mind keeps wanting to pull me back to give the problem attention (it misses me. . .), I have now turned the corner and am not looking back! As long as I continue to focus on what I want or how I want it to be, it comes as good or better than I decided I wanted.
Try it yourself if you are the least bit skeptical. Let go of the problem, write out what you want instead of what is wrong, and focus your attention and thoughts to it exclusively. You’ll be amazed.
I Am So Much More Powerful In Releasing My Problems and Focusing On What I Want Instead.
Spread Some Joy Today–Take one or two things that have been really bugging you or frustrating you. Bless the problem and let go of it. Now focus on what you want. Do not be the least bit concerned about how it comes to you or how it could come to you or any kind of how. Concentrate your thoughts on what you want and completely ignore the problem. Your solutions will begin appearing shortly.
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